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We are always on the lookout for new girls to join our agency. Are you open-minded and ambitious with a positive attitude? Do you take great pride in your appearance and genuinely enjoy the company of others? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

On this page, you can submit your application to become one of our escorts. The page is divided into four subsections:

Employment Details:

This includes your personal details, physical attributes and some information about your circumstances. We also require a physical address if you plan on doing incalls. Please note that this information will be kept confidential and only given out to paying clients.


What services are you willing to offer? If you’re not familiar with some of the abbreviations, a quick online search will answer your questions. Please only select services which you are 100% comfortable in providing.


The prices which you’re willing to charge for your time and companionship. Please remember that if you’re new to the escorting profession, your prices will need to reflect that. For an idea of the general pricing structure, please browse some other profiles on our site.


We ask that you provide a number of professional and private photos to use in your profile. Contact us if you’re looking for recommendations for places that provide professional photography services.

While we use the term ‘employment’ to refer to the girls on our books, all of our escorts are independent workers. We simply act as an advertising agency to help our ladies reach a wider audience. We do not restrict our escorts from finding work through other avenues. All of our ladies are free to sign up with other London agencies as well as advertise themselves independently.

Escorting can be a very rewarding career, both in terms of finances and job satisfaction. There’s no 9-5 routine and every date will be different. You’ll get to visit some interesting places and partake in various social activities. Not to mention you’ll get to meet some very interesting people.

While many girls at Desire Escorts Agency are full-time escorts, a lot of ladies opt for the escorting lifestyle on a part-time basis. Some younger girls do it to help pay their way through university, while others do it to increase their earnings from their day job. The escorting lifestyle allows for versatility to suit your personal circumstances. You can choose your own hours of work, and you’re free to accept or reject dates as you see fit.

If this sounds like the kind of lifestyle you’d enjoy, as well as being paid well for your time and companionship, please fill out the form and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions about the employment process, please feel free to contact us.

You can also send your information on email at agencylondon35@gmail.com or via whatsapp on any of the numbers listed on agency website .

Info visible on the website :

Your full incall address required ( flat,floor,number,postcode,street ) :

If yes ...Share our email ( we always look for more ladies to grow our agency and have a large diversity and rates)

Upload a video - will be used on your ads

Write DESIRE ESCORTS on a piece of paper and do a selfie with the paper in hand ( photo will be private not visible to clients )

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    ANNA - Outcall
    Booked Anna, Spanish girl with large brests. Agreed on a owo plus regular service for 220£ She even yalked me into getting her friend to join and gave me an unbeatable price for the 2 girls. Amazing Experience
    Made by Romans - 22nd Oct 2023
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    NATASHA - Outcall
    she is amazing, good company and absolutely beautiful
    Made by nico - 3rd Oct 2023
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    LUIZA - Incall & Outcall
    I had terrible expierence.
    I payed 200 for 1 h.
    The girls started complaining about her back pain .. some kind of ilness,
    Blowjob 1/10
    Sex 0/10 ( she was laying on her back, and complainning. After 5 mins. Started shout like crazy because I tried to fuck her deeper.(5mins sex).
    She was looking to the wall all the time .. no emotions.

    To sum up: terrible expierence.
    Made by Dave - 1st Oct 2023
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    LUIZA - Incall & Outcall
    Loved the session with Luiza, she was very responsive to my requests and so lovely

    Made by Alex - 29th Sep 2023
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    VANESSA - Outcall
    I found out early that Vanessa was a party girl and I didn’t mind it one bit because I loved to party too and I wanted someone who knew how to enjoy the moment and be free. She was it!

    Made by RogerBain - 21st Sep 2023
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  • Blog

    What Types Of Sexual Services Are There?

    18th Aug 2023

    Erotic massage – both you and sex worker are naked and they massage your whole body including your genitals with their hands
    Body rub – this is the same as an erotic massage
    Body slide – usually a part of an erotic massage service. When the client is naked, face down, the sex worker will slide their naked body along the client’s body
    Hand job/hand relief – the sex worker masturbates you, usually happens towards the end of an erotic massage/body rub
    Spanish – the penis is masturbated by rubbing it between the breasts
    Oral sex – also known as French or fellatio (oral on a male) or cunninglingus (oral on a female). This is where a person uses their mouth to stimulate another person’s genitals
    Full service/Fully inclusive – sex. Can also include an erotic massage and oral before having sex
    Sex/Intercourse – penetration of a penis into a vagina (when seeing a female sex worker) or a penis into a bottom (when seeing a male sex worker – see Anal sex)
    Anal sex (also known as Greek) – penetrating the anus with a penis or penis-like object
    Active/Top – a male sex worker who offers penetrative anal sex BUT does not receive anal sex from the client
    Passive/Bottom – a male sex worker who receives penetrative anal sex BUT does not penetrate the client
    Fully Versatile – term for a male sex worker who offers both active and passive services
    Tie and tease – the sex worker gently ties your hands and feet to the bed or massage table and touches your whole body without you being able to touch them. Can also incorporate the client being blindfolded for extra sensory pleasure. May also include a hand job, French and or full service
    Fantasy – can include the sex worker dressing up in a particular costume or uniform (ie. nurse/ schoolgirl/army fatigues/sportswear) and /or role-play
    Role-play – happens in a fantasy session where the client and sex worker agree on a particular scenario and play a certain role ie. the client is a headmaster and the sex worker is a naughty schoolgirl and is spanked when she gets the answers wrong in class
    B/D or Bondage and Discipline – includes being whipped, flogged, caned, tied up, told what to do when in restraints etc. Most trained sex workers who offer these services are known as Professional Mistresses or Masters. There are also special brothels just set up for these kind of services with all of the unique equipment needed ie. ropes, whips, blindfolds, manacles (handcuffs), canes, crops, suspension racks, A-frames etc. These services are sometimes of a sexual nature and sometimes not
    S/M or Sadism and Masochism – a more extreme form of B/D. Can include superficial piercing, cuttings, extreme sensory depravation, humiliation, medical scenarios etc. Most trained sex workers who offer these services are known as Professional Mistresses or Masters. There are also special brothels just set up for these kinds of services with all of the unique equipment needed ie. ropes, whips, canes, crops, suspension racks, A-frames, medical equipment, piercing equipment etc. These services are sometimes of a sexual nature and sometimes not.
    Note: BDSM is often used interchangeably to describe the B/D and S/M scene as a whole.

    Can I contact the escort directly before the date?

    6th Apr 2022

    Yes ,but only the girls who work ( OUTCALLS ONLY )
    The incall ladies at Desire Escorts Agency choose the support of the agency, which is responsible for making all the necessary arrangements. Also, our escorts prefer to avoid haggling over financial matters during the date. So, it is much better to have one appear at the appointed hour and enjoy each other's company in any given way, rather than spoiling the atmosphere with financial considerations. Therefore, payments should better be handled directly with the agency.

    My privacy is important. Does the agency offer discreet services?

    6th Apr 2022

    By all means. The privacy of both our escorts and clients is important to us, which is why we take all measures to protect it. It is not by chance that our non-negotiable policy to never exchange/sell/disclose client details with any 3rd party has never been wavered. No one has access to your information, and we will never contact you at home while it should also be noted that all screenings are done in-house.

    What currencies do you accept?

    6th Apr 2022

    You may make payment to your high class London escort in Sterling GBP , Euro and USD . In exceptional circumstances we may be able to arrange for the lady to accept payment in another currency, but you must discuss this with us at the time of booking. If we are able to arrange this, we will then agree with you exactly how much, in your chosen currency, you must pay to your companion.

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